We created a different kind of handmade eyewear.

The refined and innovative handmade production of horn and wood sunglasses frames by Andrea Dentoni is characterized by the precious match of refined design method and exclusive manufacturing value.
Evocative of ancient procedures of the island tradition that use wood and horn for the production of knives and other precious objects, the activity of Andrea, Arias Eyewear, with equal sensitivity and craftsmanship accuracy realizes sunglasses of distinctive beauty, personal and prestigious objects, destined to last over time.
After graduating in industrial design at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence and the consolidated experience in interior design, in 2010 he decided to return to Sardinia where he won a scholarship offered by Sardegna Ricerche, a regional agency active in innovation and technological development in the area.
The awarded project is the distinctive line of handcrafted eyewear designed with an accurate stylistic project and made of wood, through precise laser cuts and with an exclusive manual technique finishing and assembly. Established over the years and in continuous experimentation, the production of eyewear is perfected by Andrea with the introduction of the use of buffalo horn with precious natural chromatic shades that strengthen its aesthetic and material preciousness.
In harmony with the contemporary character of the project, the production of sunglasses frames is proposed through a sensitive activity on the main social media.

Focus on Quality

The sunglasses are handcrafted starting with the design of the model followed by the choice of materials, the preliminary cutting with laser techniques and accurate manual finishing and assembly procedures.
Arias Eyewear offers handcrafted eyewear, unique objects individually customized in manufacturing details and materials. Made of buffalo horn and wood, they follow stylistic lines of particular beauty and contemporary taste of high aesthetic value.
Custom made for the customer, intended as optical frames or sunglasses, they are carefully designed in the single piece on a range of prototype models.